Privacy Statement for Students

This statement applies to the personal information of [school] students.

Our school is committed to store and manage the personal data of our students in a secure way. The purpose of this statement is to explain what data we collect, how we use that data, how our students can request that we handle less information about them, and how we ensure the security of their personal information.

Our promise

  1. We have implemented adequate privacy measures and expect all other organizations working with us to provide a service at a similar level of quality to us.
  2. Hallgatóinknak csak olyan marketing e-maileket küldünk, amihez személyesen hozzájárultak. Kapnak lehetőséget arra, hogy döntsenek erről és döntésüket később megváltoztathassák.
  3. If we are requesting and managing your personal data, we will always explain why we are requesting the data, what we will use it for and with whom we will share it.
  4. We only collect personal information if it is legitimate from a privacy point of view.
  5. We only ask for so much personal data that is needed to provide our services at an appropriate level and to be able to fulfill our legal or contractual obligations.
  6. We only use personal data for the purpose for which we originally collected it.
  7. If you want to know what personal information we have about your or want to change or delete it, you can request it at any time by writing to [privacy email address] . We will comply with the request, provided that it does not conflict with our legal or contractual obligations.

What personnel data do we collect from students?

Data category Data items What do we use it for
Personal data Name, birth name, mother's name, date and place of birth, gender, nationality, communication language, ID name / number / expiry date, reason for stay for foreign nationals, insurance number, phone, email, address, address of stay, name and contact information of contact person, work status, education, comments, receives newsletter, heard about us how, time of registration
  • Student contract
  • Keep contact
  • Newsletters (with consent)
Tanfolyamra jelentkezés
  • Requirements:subject of study, financing company, course parameters (start, intensity, timetable, type, number of lessons, number of students)
  • Written placement:completed evaluated test
  • Spoken placement:when, which teacher, purpose of training, spoken level, course level
  • Correspondence log:who agreed what when, what to do next, application status?
  • Course organization
  • Keep contact
Course data Course fee, exam fee, join / exit dates, archived contract, comments for the invoice, certificate, continues another course after this
  • Student contract
  • Attendance sheet / certificate of completion
  • Course documentation (eg. progress sheet cover page)
Course session
  • Students present
  • Remarks about student in the progress sheet
  • Attendance statistics
  • Distribution of costs by students
  • Progress sheet
Correspondance Email to course students: sender, recipients, contents, time
  • Informing course members
Evaluations Date, archived test, reached score, aktuális tudásszint, szöveges értékelés (fejlődés, fejlesztendők, motiváció)
  • Fejlődés mérése
Feedback Filled-in survey (anonym by default, optionally with name) about course and teachers
  • Quality assurance
Certificates Serial number of certificates issued to students, certified level, copy, record of receipt
  • Certificate
  • Can be the buyer on invoices and can also be mentioned in invoice items along with various external identifiers
  • Report on billed amounts per course
  • Report on unpaid invoices
  • Invoice
  • Managing receivables

What do we use the personal data for?

  1. For organizing courses (student contract, keep contact, share information, attendance, finance)
  2. For tracking and documenting student progress (assessment, certification, attendance statistics)
  3. Ensuring quality teaching work (course documentation, attendance sheet, progress sheet, further training)
  4. Measuring the quality of our service (lesson observations, feedback)
  5. In order to comply with data collection and sharing legislation (for licensed courses: applications, level assessment, student contract, progress sheet, attendance sheet, evaluations, feedback and certificates).

What is the legal basis for collecting the personal data?

    We collect business contact data
  1. subject to given consent or
  2. to perform a contract or
  3. to comply with legal obligations or
  4. for the purposes of legitimate interests.

When applying, students agree to use their data to assess their level of knowledge and organize courses.

The conclusion of a student contract requires the student's personal information in order for the contract to be lawful, so in this case the data is required to establish a contractual relationship.

We may share student information in a legitimate interest with our teachers, school staff, our accountant, and any subcontractors who participate in the training so that we can provide the service in accordance with the contract.

All secondary data processing (such as requesting feedback from students after a course or advertising courses or creating ad profiles) is done with the prior consent of the students.

The Adult Education Act determines the extent of documentation for licensed training. Therefore, for these courses, we have a legal obligation to include the statutory information in the student contract, a preliminary level assessment, the progress sheet, a feedback request, an evaluation, and a certificate at the end of the course.

Whom do we share the personal data with?

We share personal information with school staff to organize education.

A tanfolyamokkal kapcsolatos adatokat megosztjuk a tanárokkal, akik a tanfolyam óráit tartják.

We share course information with teachers who teach the course.

Students can gain access to the system and see their own or other students' information that the school gives access to (e.g., a parent can see their children's information if the school allows it).

We share our financial information with our accountant.

We may share data with government agencies upon request, provided there is a legal basis for it.

We enter into a strict contract with all individuals and organizations that access personal information while participating on our behalf in the performance of our services to ensure the protection of personal information and to comply with data protection laws. From time to time, we check with an independent auditor that service providers meet our expectations.

How long do we store the personal data?

Personal information related to licensed training will be stored for 6 calendar years following the calendar year of completion of the course. The same applies to Financial information, including the personal information on it.

In the case of non-licensed training, personal data, with the exception of data on financial documents, will be stored for 3 calendar years following the calendar year of completion of the course.

Personal data not related to courses (eg CV and copy of diploma) will be stored for 3 calendar years after the end of the contract with the student.

We will then delete or modify your personal information so that it cannot be linked to us (anonymised).

How do we ensure the safety of personal data?

The Internet is not a secure medium, so the security of information sent using online communication technology (such as e-mail) cannot be guaranteed. However, from the moment your personal data arrives to us, it is safe and handled in accordance with data protection regulations.

    What do we do to ensure safety:
  1. In all our contracts with individuals (employment contract, student contract, company contract) who have access to personal data is included the requirement to comply with our privacy policy.
  2. We minimize the amount of documentation printed during the courses. Irrelevant documents are destroyed. Whatever can be stored electronically is stored in that form, paper documents are stored locked up so that only the school staff can access it and only those of them who are competent.
  3. The office computers are in a separate lockable room, all computers are password protected. We do not store data locally on computers, only on the network. Data stored on the network is backed up daily. Computers can only be accessed by school staff, everyone has their own user access.
  4. Personal data is stored and managed electronically in an online cloud-based system that complies with data protection rules. To use it, you need to log in, data transmission is encrypted, data protection is ensured by a secure software and hardware infrastructure, and the data is backed up at least on a daily basis.

How can you check what personal data is stored about you, how can the data be modified or removed?

It is possible to check, modify, limit or delete the amount of personal data we store.

    In order to achieve this:
  1. mail a request by post to this address: [school name and address]
  2. call [telefonszám] phone number
  3. send your request to the [privacy email cím]email address.

If you are not satisfied with how your request is handled, you have the right to file a complaint at the following address:
   Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság,--kapcsolat.html

Updates to this privacy statement

Should there be changes in our privacy practices you will find a new version of this statement at and we will highlight the changes. We will also ask for your approval for the changes if that is required by the law.

Last update: May 25, 2018