SchoolDrive Guidelines for Using the Technical Support Services

  1. Submit a Support Request
    1. Gemeral. Customer may submit their requests through the online Helpdesk.
    2. Customer's Efforts to Correct Errors. The Customer may submit a request to the Service Provider only after first making all reasonable efforts to resolve any errors, program errors, malfunctions and network connection problems independently, without the involvement of the Service Provider. Customer's contact may then submit a written request for technical support online through online customer support.
    3. Prioritizing requests. Customers prioritize their requests. When the Service Provider receives a request from the Customer's contact person, it determines whether the request falls into the category of “Service Outage”, “Normal Request” or “Feature Request” (pursuant to Section 6). This decision of the Service Provider is final and binding on the Customer. The Service Provider reserves the right to change the Priority given by the Customer if it considers that the Customer's classification is incorrect and in all such cases shall notify the Customer of this change in its response to the Support Request. Customer has the right to appeal against such reclassifications and to request a review from the Service Provider's support management through the available support channels.
    4. Acknowledge and Resolve Requests. Upon submission of the Request, Customer shall provide the requested diagnostic information, including: (i) a description of the problem and configuration; (ii) providing related data; and (iii) answer any questions you may have from the Service Provider's support staff or assist the staff by email, telephone, or remote access.
    5. Acknowledge request. The Service Provider may also respond to a Request by acknowledging its receipt. Customer acknowledges and understands that the Service Provider will not be able to answer all questions and will not be able to resolve all Requests.
    6. Feature Requests. If the Service Provider classifies a request as a Feature Request, it will record it as a request for consideration related to future updates or releases of the Service and will consider the matter closed. The Service Provider is not obligated to respond to or resolve Feature Requests and is not obliged to include the requested features in future updates or releases.
  2. Contact Support
    1. Help and Forum. End Users of Customer's SchoolDrive Services will only receive support through the SchoolDrive Help and Forum; the Forum is available after logging in.
    2. Customer service hours and response time. The Service Provider makes the Help and the Forum available every day of the week and answers the Customer's Questions through its portal during the working hours of the Customer Service. The response time for written P1 Priority requests is one hour after submission. Priority P2, P3 and P4 Priority Requests submitted in writing through the Customer Service Portal have a response time of up to 2 business days depending on the priority.
  3. Normal Support

    All Customers receive Standard Support, which includes:

  4. Premium Support Service
    1. General. In addition to the items listed in Section 3 above, Premium Support includes faster response times to Support Requests plus telephone and chat contact to the Premium Services staff. Support starts when Customer begins using the Services live.
    2. Enhanced support. The Service Provider agrees to make all commercially reasonable efforts to respond to Customer Requests on a priority basis as follows: Service Provider will respond to Priority P1 Support Requests within 1 hour of reporting a problem. If a P1 Priority Support Request is reported on a weekend or non-working day, a telephone call must be made for the Support Service to respond to the Request. Priority P2 Requests communicated over the phone or chat interface will be answered directly. Priority P2 Support Requests submitted in writing through the online help or support portal are answered within 4 hours during Customer Service business hours. We respond directly to P3 and P4 priority Support Requests from your phone or chat interface. Written P3 and P4 Priority Support Requests will be answered within 8 hours during Customer Service business hours.
    3. Term. The Service Provider may choose not to renew the Premium Support Service after a period of 12 months.
  5. General Policies
    1. Policy Update. The Service Provider may change these Policies from time to time, but none of these changes may seriously adversely affect the Customer.
    2. Maintenance. In order to ensure the optimal operation of the Services, the Service Provider performs regular maintenance. In most cases, Maintenance has little or no effect on the availability and functionality of the Services. If the Service Provider believes that a Scheduled Maintenance will adversely affect the availability or functions of the Services, the Service Provider will make all economically reasonable efforts to notify the Customers at least seven days prior about the Maintenance. The Service Provider may also perform unscheduled emergency Maintenance at any time. If the Service Provider believes that such unscheduled emergency Maintenance will adversely affect the availability and functionality of the Services, the Service Provider will make every economically reasonable effort to give prior notice of such Maintenance.
    3. Language. The parties agree that the Service Provider shall provide the support specified in the Guidelines to the Customer in Hungarian or English, depending on the language of the Request.
    4. Support Term. The Service Provider provides the support services described in these Guidelines only during the term of the Agreement, and the Service Provider is not obliged to provide any support services to the Customer after the expiration or termination of the Agreement.
  6. Definitions

    "Customer Contacts" – the listed Administrators.

    "Feature Request" – a Request from Customer's contact to add a new feature to the Services or to develop a new feature of an existing feature of the Services.

    "Service Provider Support Staff" – the representatives of the Service Provider who are responsible for handling technical support requests.

    "Maintenance" – maintenance work on the hardware or software that operates the Services.

    "Priority" – means the level of impact of a particular Request on Customer's operations; value is used to determine response times after receipt. The available priority levels are:

    "Request" – a request sent by the Customer to the Service Provider's support staff to request technical assistance to resolve an issue or report a problem with the Service.

    "Service Outage" – a case where the majority of Customer's End Users do not access or use the Service, or where Customer's network does not receive incoming mail (or is unable to send mail from the Service). Customer identifies a Request as a Service Outage by marking it as a P1 Priority Support Request.

    "Normal Request" – a Request sent by the Customer to the Service Provider that is not related to Service Outage and is not a Function Request.

    "Helpdesk Opening Hourse" – the Service Provider's customer service operates from 9 am to 5 pm every working day of the week and provides support to Customers.